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Then, after your new website is online, we’ll give you easy-to-use tools to make simple graphic and text changes whenever you want. You can take control of YOUR website — No more having to pay a webhost or anyone else to keep your site current.

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Clearwater Dental

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Clearwater Dental

Clearwater_Before Clearwater_After

Treatable graphic halitosis!

Clearwater Dental came in for a checkup when they realized their website had a lot of plaque build up and it had a moderate case of graphic halitosis. Fortunately these conditions weren’t so bad that we couldn’t help.


An easy prescription to fill.

Though the dental office’s condition was serious it was an easy prescription to fill. They just needed to be treated with a new logo, their website received a thorough cleaning, and “Viola”, their stinky website was gone.

Apollo Mechanical

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Apollo Mechanical

Apollo_Before Apollo_After

Overburdened, unresponsive, and in critical condition!

Apollo’s website was brought in in critical condition. It was overburdened, unresponsive and taken straight to ER (Emergency Rehabilitation). Their previous web doctor should’ve had his license revoked.


Uncontrolled growth caught in time!

Apollo had become larger than their website could contain. Fortunately we caught the buildup in time, and after our procedure, Apollo’s website was soon capable of supporting it’s growth and able to deal with future expansion.

Chervenell Construction Co.

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Chervenell Construction Co.

Chervenell_Before Chervenell_After

Diagnosis: Amateuritis

This high-end construction company came to us for help with their website. We diagnosed it with a mild case of amateuritis. Fortunately we’ve treated this condition many times before with great success.


Competent, professional and efficient.

We had to tear Chervenell’s website down to its foundation so we could build it back up to showcase their image as the competent, professional, and efficient Construction Company that they are. A job well done, we believe!

City of College Place

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City of College Place


“It’s making them run for the hills!”

Fortunately, the City of College Place is a lot nicer than the Visitor Bureau’s first website. Unfortunately, that website made people, “run for the hills” instead of visit their town. That’s why they came to our office for help.


Visual narcolepsy no more!

We diagnosed it with a severe case of life-threatening, visual narcolepsy. Seriously, their website was sleep inducing. So, we injected some visual excitement to keep visitors awake, interested and wanting to move there!

Fullness of Truth

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Fullness of Truth

Fullness_Before Fullness_After

This Holy Website wasn’t moving!

Fullness of Truth was inspired to come to us believing their website needed to be graphically exorcised. All we could say was “Praise the Lord!” Though they didn’t have any unclean spirits, their website was visually unmoving.


Resurrected to a beautiful and inspiring design.

After much fasting and prayer, we laid hands on it, transfigured its graphics and blessed this Catholic Ministries with a beautiful and inspiring website. After this resurrection, they informed us, “The Lord heard our prayer.”

Delorie Johnson

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Delorie Johnson


Should’ve sued for malpractice!

This law firm’s website was amateurish and repulsive. When visiting Delore Johnson’s old website their clients would find another firm. We recommended that they sue their previous website doctor for malpractice.


Giving them justice!

After examining their case, we recommended an elegant layout and a new logo design giving these lawyers something to celebrate — a professional and sophisticated website. We know we did them justice.

Casa Chapala

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Casa Chapala


Disoriented, dizzy and off balance!

Casa Chapala’s website came in disoriented and out of balance. Their previous web physician had been unable to effectively treat their condition.


Putting the spice into their web site. Muy caliente!

We confirmed the Mexican Grill’s suspicion that what it was feeling was a serious concern. Chapala’s website needed to be operated on quickly to help bring the restaurant’s image back to life. We also, resuscitated their brand — adding the some spice to their tasteless logo as well as their stale website.

Amtech Corporation

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Amtech Corporation

Amtech_Before Amtech_Before

Graphically sluggish and out of sorts!

Amtech came in for a checkup when they realized their website was feeling sluggish, listless and in desperate need of some optical adjustments.


Just what the Doctor ordered.

We diagnosed the condition of chronic graphic atrophy, and determined Amtech’s condition as serious and in dire need of a complete visual intervention. We refocused their entire brand, adding life and color back to their sight. Afterward they could see clearly and felt much more alive.

Composite Power

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Composite Power


Multiple personality disorder

Composite Power’s website had a mild case of multiple personality. One of its personalities was intelligent and engaging while its other personality was dull and graphically challenged. Fortunately, the intelligent one came to us.


Harmonious behavioral characteristics!

With a little bit of counseling, we were able to treat this website with a new logo and a little visual TLC. In the process we helped the website’s graphically challenged personality to become as engaging as its intelligent personality.